Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Welcome to Press Record


When I was in college, djing was one of my favorite hobbies. I spent a whole lot of money on either vinyl, or mixtapes to listen to from my favorite dj’s. After I graduated, I sold my equipment and started to put more focus on freelance design work and my career. But I’ve missed it ever since I stopped.

With things much more settled these days, I now want to get back into djing. I’m not really interested in doing gigs, but rather more of the bedroom dj role. So, when I was in college I often just recorded my practice sessions, without having any set playlist. I just played what I felt like hearing at the time.

That brings me to the theme of this site. Just pressing record, and start mixing. All of the mixes here will be just that. My goal, eventually, will be to have other dj’s join in and possibly expand the genres/tastes of music here. So if you would be interested, shoot me an email.

I plan on adding more features in the near future for easier sharing, searching, playlists, etc., but for now, I just want to keep it very simple. I’m starting off using SoundCloud for hosting the [downloadable] mixes, but I might end up switching to something more cost effective. For software and recording I’ll be using djay. As much as it would be nice to have the old hardware setup I had in college, it’s just a bit too expensive, so for hardware, I’ll be using the Vestax Spin.

So there you have it, and this is the new site. So I hope you enjoy the music and come back.

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