Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Vibe With The Tribe

Hip Hop

Along with Gang Starr being in my top 5 favorite hip hop groups of all time, A Tribe Called Quest also makes that list. In fact, I leave a cd in my car with all of their albums in case I feel like listening to them, which is fairly often. I mean, who doesn’t love listening to the Tribe?

I just want to note, that I previously recorded two other Tribe mixes (obviously with different track orders and such), but they didn’t feel good enough to post. And I wanted to get it as good as I could without actually preplanning a mix. I think this one fits that bill.

I can’t imagine this being the only Tribe mix I do, because they’ve had way too many gems to cram into just an hour long mix. So there will probably be more of these, but until then…. here’s the first.


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