Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Chill Mode Mix Vol. 6

Chill Mode Hip Hop Instrumental

I thought it was time for another installment of the Chill Mode Mix series. I actually didn’t think about this being apart of the series until I was about halfway through. I probably should have started it off with more instrumentals, like the previous ones…. but there are plenty of instrumentals in here to, you know, chill to. Here’s the tracks:

  1. Jazz Spastiks – Yes, Yes Feat. Rebels to the Grain
  2. Dug Infinite – Exceptance
  3. MC Eiht – Late Nite Hype Part 2
  4. Lootpack – On Point
  5. Black Star – Twice Inna Lifetime (Instrumental)
  6. No I.D. – I Used To Love H.E.R. (Remix)
  7. Jazz Spastiks Ft. C-dash – Dashtastik
  8. MF Doom – Licorice
  9. Atmosphere – Free Or Dead (Instrumental)
  10. Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck (Instrumental)
  11. Jay-Z – People Are Talking (Instrumental)
  12. Dr. Dre – Bitch Niggaz (Instrumental)
  13. J Dilla – Alien Family (Instrumental)
  14. Shyheim Ft. Squig- Shoalin Style
  15. Quasimoto – Microphone Mathematics
  16. Non Phixion – Black Helicopters (Instrumental)
  17. Showbiz & A.G. – You Know Now [Remix]
  18. Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew (Instrumental)
  19. People Under The Stairs – The Breakdown


P.S. I have two tracks in this mix from Jazz Spastiks. One of the best groups I’ve heard in a while, and you should check out their album 12 Bit Spit. You will definitely be hearing more of their tracks in my mixes to come. They’re that good.

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