Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Chaos Therapy

Hip Hop

This was a good week for me with music, in both hearing new stuff, and rediscovering old music that I hadn’t heard in a while. So I had a few tracks in my head that I felt like putting together. This mix starts off a little different than others, with some spoken word. It’s very chill. The whole mix is a little shorter than normal too.

Here’s the tracks:

  1. Malik Yusef – My City
  2. The Hue Ft. Kissey Asplund – Stressin’
  3. The Fab 5 – Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
  4. Declaime – Let It Be Known
  5. Roots – Push up ya Lighter
  6. The Beatnuts – Thinkin’ Bout Cash (Instrumental)
  7. L.M.D. – Real Talk
  8. Chubb Rock – What a Year
  9. Common – Reminding Me (Of Sef)
  10. Madlib – Love/Hate (Instrumental)


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