Photo credit: Dustin Senos



I was invited for another dj session at Sakana Sushi Lounge, so of course I had to put together another fresh set. We did an actual live recording of the whole session of 3 dj’s, but the recording didn’t turn out too hot. We had a few technical difficulties, had to switch recording apps, and yadda yadda. And it picked up voices. Needless to say, the live recording didn’t turn out too hot, but it’ll be linked up below anyways.

So this mix is the re-recorded set I did at Sakana. It’s my favorite house mix yet. We’re going to perfect the live recordings though, so I can provide the live action sets. I’m also going to get away from the “house” theme in the titles of my house mixes. It was fun for a bit, but I’m sick of it now.

Here’s the link some of the live set w/voices and such. My parts come in at 8:40 and 1:10:00.


PS – I’ll get back to the hip hop mixes soon, I promise. But house music is extremely fun to mix.

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