Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Guest Mix: JFD Mushroom Summer Edition by @die A.

Guest Mix Hip Hop

A couple weeks ago, I was scouring SoundCloud for some new mixes, and came across @die A., from the Netherlands, and his JFD Mushroom Summer Edition mix. I loved it. And if you’ve ever listened to any of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz mixes, then you’ll love this mix too. After listening to it, I decided to reach out to @die A. to see if he would be interested in hooking me up with a guest mix here. Gladly, he gave me the one I had just listened to.

So if you like any of the music you’ve been listening to here, then you will definitely like this guest mix. So check it out! No tracklisting for this one.

Enjoy, and thanks to @die A. for providing this mix.

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