Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Tastefully Seasoned

Hip Hop

We’re back with some more chill hip hop! I feel that I’ve been neglecting the exact genre of music that I love that made me want to start this site. And I have been trying to find some time to mix up something chill. And this definitely fits that bill! There’s a couple rough cuts and blends, but overall, should be enjoyable to kick back to.

Here is the track listing:

  1. RJD2 – Final Frontier
  2. Prince Paul – MC Hustler (Horror City)
  3. People Under The Stairs – OST (Remix)
  4. Phife Dawg Ft. No Name – 4 Horsemen
  5. Cella Dwellas – Medina Style
  6. Redman – Tonight’s Da Night
  7. Blame One – Paperthin Aka Blame One Intro
  8. The Pharcyde – Bullshit
  9. Clever Jeff – For Real
  10. Atmosphere – In Her Music Box
  11. Atmosphere – Woman With The Tattooed Hands (Instrumental)
  12. Necro – Agent Orange (Instrumental)
  13. Gangstarr – All For The Cash
  14. Nas – N.Y. State Of Mind
  15. Deltron 3030 – Love Story (Instrumental)
  16. Raekwon – Heaven & Hell


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