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Hot Peppers


As this post goes live, I’ll be vacationing it up in the Caribbean. But I recorded this funky house mix last week, and honestly, I think it’s one of the best ones I’ve made. I might have said that before, but I’ve listened to this thing at least 5 times in the past week. And I’m not done listening to it yet. So check it out, and hopefully you feel the same!


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Chill Mode Mix Vol. 8

Chill Mode Hip Hop

I’m just now realizing that it’s been almost a year since the last Chill Mode Mix was posted here. That’s pretty pathetic, and I can guarantee that it won’t be this long until the next one is recorded. I’m getting pretty comfortable with my new controller though, so these will start smoothing out and sounding better and better.

But here are the tracks…

  1. 14k – Marbles
  2. M.E.D. – JWF (Instrumental)
  3. Hazy Rooms – Herbal Essence
  4. Apani – Abracadabra
  5. Mumbles – The Guidelines
  6. M.E.D. Ft. Talib Kweli – Classic
  7. Redman – Yesh Yesh Ya’ll (Instrumental)
  8. GZA – Shadowboxin (Instrumental)
  9. Big Pun – Boomerang (Instrumental)
  10. Cappadonna – Dart Throwing
  11. Pharcyde – Groupie Therapy (Instrumental)
  12. The Notorious B.I.G. – I Got a Story to Tell
  13. A Tribe Called Quest – Like It Like That
  14. Group Home – Supa Star
  15. Nas – One Love
  16. J Dilla – Shouts (Alt) (Instrumental)
  17. Necro – Dead Body Disposal (Instrumental)


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Hip Hop

The past week has been really sweet. To start it off, I got some new equipment to mix with. I can’t even explain how excited I am to have this. While I’m still adjusting to it, my mixes should be much better. And this is my first hip-hop mix on it. And it arrived just on time, because….

It’s Dilla week! I’ve been listening to his stuff all week, and it was time to mix up my annual all-Dilla beats mix to celebrate his life and work. This was a great one to mix too, and I live broadcasted it as well (more on that later). It’s just over 90 minutes.

Here’s are the tracks, all Dilla production with some interview snippets sprinkled in…..

  1. J Dilla – Make Em NV (Instrumental)
  2. J Dilla – Beat 14
  3. Pharcyde – Drop (Instrumental)
  4. Frank N Dank – Sex On The Beach
  5. Slum Village – Fall In Love Remix (Instrumental)
  6. Slum Village – Selfish (Instrumental)
  7. Common – Heat (Instrumental)
  8. Slum Village – Are You Ready
  9. Common Sense – The Question
  10. Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Instrumental)
  11. Pharcyde – Somethin’ That Means Somethin’ (Instrumental)
  12. Amp Fiddler – Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly
  13. A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
  14. J Dilla – Reckless Driving (Instrumental)
  15. Common Sense – Thelonius
  16. J Dilla – U and Ur Smile
  17. Phat Kat – Dont Nobody Care About Us (Instrumental)
  18. Das Efx – Microphone Master (Jay Dee Remix)
  19. The Roots Feat. Elo – Dynamite!
  20. J Dilla – Shouts (Alt)
  21. A Tribe Called Quest – Moms
  22. Phife Dawg – 4 Horsemen
  23. Slum Village – Fantastic (Instrumental)
  24. Slum Village – Players
  25. J Dilla – Dreamy
  26. J Dilla – Doo Doo
  27. J Dilla – The $
  28. De La Soul – Stakes Is High Remix (Instrumental)
  29. De La Soul – Stakes Is High
  30. Que D – Rock Box
  31. Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto (Jay Dee Remix)


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