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Guest Mix: DJ Cee – Back Again

Guest Mix Hip Hop

I had been trying for months to get my buddy Dan, aka DJ Cee, to dust off his records and get me a mix to post on the site. And he did just that. I’ve listened to this mix at least 3 times recently, and it’s really good. Check it out! This won’t be the last time I post one of his mixes here.


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Hip Hop

As promised, we’re back with a hip hop mix. I really like this one too. Some good old school tunes and a few modern tracks splashed in there too. A lot of inspiration from this mix came from listening to a lot of Jazz Spastiks mixes on upstream. If you haven’t listened to them before, definitely check them out.

Here’s the track listing….

  1. Jazz Spastiks – Sabata
  2. Mr. Complex Ft. L Fudge – Scrape Your Back Out
  3. O.C. – What I Represent
  4. Da Youngsta’s – What I Represent
  5. Channel Live – Lock It Up
  6. Da Youngsta’s – Mad Props
  7. DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. CL Smooth – All I Know
  8. Jazz Spastiks – Peakflow
  9. Prince Paul – MC Hustler (Horror City)
  10. Jay-Z Ft. Memphis Bleek – Coming of Age
  11. Termanology Ft. Bun B – How We Rock
  12. Artifacts – What Goes On?
  13. Da Youngsta’s – Illy Filly Funk
  14. Mr. Complex Ft. Pharoahe Monch – Scream, Shout
  15. Rakim – Show Me Love
  16. Apani – Abracadabra
  17. J Live – Practice
  18. Jazz Spastiks – Super Effective


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Full Bloom


We’re back with another house filled mix for those speakers. This is a nice simple little mix, with some really good tunes and great blends that I’m pretty proud of. If you’ve liked my previous house mixes, you’ll definitely dig this one.

I swear I haven’t abandoned hip hop mixes. I’m just having more fun spinning house. I have some ideas on new hip hop mixes, though. So those will return shortly.


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