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Chill Mode Mix Vol. 9

Chill Mode Hip Hop

For the past few months I’ve been going through my oversized music library trying to purge my collection. For as fun as it was collecting tons of music over the last 10ish years, it’s a big pain in my ass managing that music when it comes to DJing. Of course going through my library I find some gems here and there that I hadn’t heard in a while. And that brings me to the latest volume of the Chill Mode Mix series.

While I felt a little rusty at parts, I think it turned out pretty decent. Enough to not want to keep it to myself.

  1. Kero One – In All The Wrong Places
  2. Crown City Rockers Ft. Destani Wolf – Sidestep
  3. D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie
  4. LMNO – Grin And Bear It
  5. Sound Providers – Pacific Vibrations
  6. Urbs & Cutex – Up & Down
  7. Move.meant – Say When
  8. Brand Nubian – Shinin’ Star
  9. Gang Starr – Tonz ‘O’ Gunz
  10. Big Noyd Ft. Mobb Deep – Recognize & Realize (Part 2)
  11. Thes One – Tribute to Weldon Irvine
  12. Fat Jon – Repaint Tomorrow


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Energy Drinks


Another day, another house mix. I like this one. Very energetic, though slows down a bit in the last 15 minutes. But check it out. I’m also in the process of trying to figure out a radio show…. still. I’m hoping to get something going within the next few weeks, one way or another.


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