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Guest Mix: DJ Double O – Trippin in the Disco

Funk Guest Mix Hip Hop

I’m pretty excited to be posting this guest mix from Double O, who started DJ’ing at the exact same time as I did. I remember us both staring at this old mixer and turntable on one side, cd player on the other, wondering how the hell this stuff works. We spent countless hours record shopping, learning tricks, finding gigs, and and listening to other DJ’s. We always pushed ourselves to better our craft. He kept it going after I took a hiatus for a number of years to focus on my career.

This mix is very good though. I’ve listened to it a few times, and it’s quite the adventure of a mix. So check it out and play it loud!


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No Show This Week


What’s happening listeners. Unfortunately we have to cancel this weeks show. But we will definitely be back next week with fresh tunes for a long overdue hip hop show.

So tune back in next week!