Photo credit: Dustin Senos

Hump Day Bumps Show #20

House humpdaybumps

I can’t believe that we already hit the 20th show. I think overall, it’s been going pretty well, minus the various technical difficulties we’ve ran into. This particular show felt really good though. I love the track selection, and thought the pacing and blending was some of my best work to date. So I thought I’d extend this one out to the podcast listeners and those that might not have caught the show live.

Most tracks are new, and a few old gems in there as well. But here’s the tracks played…

  1. Funkador – Get Off My Back
  2. Kindimmer – Shadow And Construction
  3. Labium – Coast To Coast
  4. Funkador – Get Off My Back
  5. J Fader – Bad Connection
  6. Stranger Danger, Daisy Kelly-Granger – Swing Brother Swing (Juwan Rates Remix)
  7. Thermo – Phat Beauty
  8. Chanson E – Da Jazzz
  9. Jack Kerouak – Blue Jazz
  10. Stacy Kidd – Random Funk
  11. Soydan – This One Too
  12. J-Fader – B-Side Groove
  13. Wattie Green – Tear it down
  14. Mero – I Am Music
  15. 1200 warriors – Winehouse (Remix)
  16. Craig Hamilton – Trouble
  17. Sonny Fodera – Ressurrection (Jason Hodges Remix)
  18. DJ Dealer – Whatcha Gonna Do (1200 Warriors Remix)
  19. Benjamin Shock – Catfish Feat. JK Soul
  20. Corduroy Mavericks – Girl What’s Up (Wattie Green Dub Remastered)
  21. Tom Special Interest – Breaking Bad


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