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Chill Mode Mix Vol. 3

Chill Mode Hip Hop Instrumental

Here is Vol. 3, which I hope will be the last one that I have to do with a mouse and keyboard. While it’s still fun mixing, let me just say, that it sucks using a mouse/keyboard to mix. And it doesn’t help without the ability to pre-queue the songs. Oh well.

This is mostly hip-hop instrumentals again. Couple rough transitions at the beginning, but smooths out eventually. Enjoy.

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Chill Mode Mix Vol. 2

Chill Mode Hip Hop Instrumental

These are a few hip hop instrumentals mixed together with Djay. Some of the transitions are rough because I couldn’t queue up the next track coming in. I had to adjust it all on the fly. I plan on getting the Vestax Spin any day so these mixes will be much better.

If you want to know the name of a track, just ask. I’m going to integrate playlists in the near future.

Update: I’ve had a few reports of the SoundCloud player not working. If you are having issues with it, let me know and I’ll provide a different link for download.

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Mixed on the Rocks


Lots going on here in the Press Record studios, but unfortunately most of it doesn’t have to do with music. I was able to peel myself away from my hectic life to get some quality music time. I was able to wrangle up a few new tracks and throw a mix together. I think it turned out pretty funky.

Enjoy! And keep an eye out for a themed Chill Mode Mix coming soon.

New Mix And Testing iTunes Podcasts

Hip Hop info Instrumental

I’ve decided that I’m moving off of SoundCloud. While I really love the service, the current plan that I’m on only allows for 12 hours of music, and I don’t really want to pay for the next plan up. I think I’ll go through 12 hours pretty quickly (or even 36 hours, the next plan up), especially if I bring in another dj. And I’d rather not limit the time frame per mix. Sometimes you’re just feeling the music and don’t want to stop mixing, and I want to be able to share that. So I’m switching to Rackspace Cloud Files, which is much more cost effective. So the audio player will also change.

I’m also trying out having these mixes available through iTunes as a podcast. I figure there are tons of people who already use iTunes, so I’m trying to make it easier to distribute these mixes to interested people. So I will link up the podcast once it’s live and working.

Anywho, this mix is the same format as the other Chill Mode mixes….. this is actually the first one I did, that I originally said that I wasn’t going to link up. But the more I listen to it, the more I figure it’s not that bad.

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Froggish Leaps


I’ve been in a nice groove lately of finding some solid music to mix. So here’s another mix with some old and new tracks. So give it a listen.

In other news, I have a new Chill Mode Mix on the radar with a special theme to it. Hoping to get that mixed and posted soon.


Hump Day Bumps Show Hiatus


Hey Folks, thought I’d finally get around to giving a few updates on the happenings around the site and such. While I’ve gone back and forth on this for a while, I’ve decided that the Hump Day Bumps Show is going on a temporary hiatus. I’ve had to take down the studio because my family is in the process of upgrading our housing situation. We’re currently stationed in a temporary house (read: in-laws), and we won’t be moving into our new house until October/November.

While I won’t have have my full audio setup, I will try to get something setup to be able to contribute to the podcast a bit more. I’m also trying to get OneDeep to start his own live show, so we’ll see if that works out. I’ll definitely announce it if it goes through though.

In the meantime, just keep a lookout for the podcast. I have a new Chill Mode Mix in the works!

Hump Day Bumps Show #24

House humpdaybumps

Every so often I like to highlight shows that from the Hump Day Bumps Show. This weeks show was a lot of fun to do, even though it was one of the shorter ones I’ve done. It just felt real funky the whole time. Here’s the video from the show too…

So I figured with it being a short show, it would be a good fit for the podcast. So here ya go. I also have a new Chill Mode Mix in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that.

I’m also hoping to get a new guest on the show soon. He’s currently getting his home studio setup. Very much looking forward to that.


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Hip Hop Instrumental

I was fresh off of recording a mix, which I’ll post later this week, and I had iTunes on random. The track Funky 4 U from Deadbeats (the first track of this mix) comes on, and I immediately thought that I’d like to make a real smooth mix, hence the title. Just simple mixing in and out of [mostly] instrumentals. So that’s what I did.

I think only a couple of songs have words to them, so it’s mostly an instrumental mix….. along the lines of the Chill Mode series. I was also going to introduce track lists, but I accidentally closed out djay before grabbing the track names, so I said screw it. But look for those soon.

Enjoy the mix.

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